Cedar City ESL Class

Non-native English speakers trying to live and work in an area like Cedar City often feel as if they're fish swimming in a sea of English.  Many rely on friends or children to speak for them at the store, bank or doctor's office and long to communicate independently.  Often, limited English means people have few options for employment and miss out on promotions.

Many of our church members are Hispanic and speak very limited English.   We began an ESL class in early 2008 for our members, using curriculum Retired Pastor Daniel Walter brought home from his time teaching English at the Seventh-day Adventist language institute in Korea.  Soon, we realized the need for adults to learn English went far beyond our church congregation and we opened the class to the Cedar City and Enoch communities.

Conversational English

The Cedar City ESL Class teaches conversational English: pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency.  Our curriculum is designed to help our students communicate more easily in English.  Please note, however, it is not an academic English class, and there is no degree given upon successful completion of the class.

Free to the Community

The Cedar City ESL Class is sponsored by the Cedar City Seventh-day Adventist Church and is free of charge.  All materials needed for the class are provided and there is no fee to register.

English as a Second Language Taught by Volunteers

Our class is taught by two volunteer instructors:

Retired Pastor Daniel Walter brings several years of experience teaching English in Korea to the class.  Pastor Walter spent 40 years working in overseas mission positions for the SDA church in countries such as Brazil, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia.  He speaks Portuguese fluently.

ESL Class Sundays, 6 p.m

The Cedar City ESL class meets Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. at the Cedar City Seventh Day Adventist church.  Our address is:

4571 N. Hwy 91

Enoch, UT 84720  Map


To learn more about our class, please call Dan at 435-867-4886