The Cedar City SDA Church is growing! 

Not only by membership but physically!  We outgrew our original building a long

time ago and have needed Sabbath School Classrooms and a Fellowship Hall

for a long time.

Cedar City began 2006 with about 26 members and the current membership is about 72. This is

excellant growth for God's kingdom. Then we were renting the local Lutheran Church. We soon

were able, by God's grace and a lot of sacrifice, to purchase our current church building.


All this growth in membership means we need more space!  So we set about planning for our new

addition. A few weeks ago the foundations were being dug. Today they are installed and backfilled!

Praise the Lord our building is going up.


One thing that we need, however, is your input.... the blessings that God will give both you and us

as you donate to our building fund. We are just about $10,000 short of our goal. We did have all the funds

in hand but as building projects do... well... just say we need more money.   We thank you as you contemplate

donating to this very worthy project.